Is there any profit in raising bottle calves?
Well, yes, but very little money is made, by the time you buy feed and milk replacer you can make a little money, but not much.

Why do you bottle feed calves?
There are 3 main reasons why we may be raising bottle calves. 1) The calf’s mother has pass away or doesn’t clam the offspring. 2) We purchase baby calves at auction like Holstein calves to place on our own heifer cows, if their offspring didn’t survive the birth. 3) We purchase baby heifer calves to hand raise to keep on our ranch and reproduce, when these calves grow up; they are easier and safer to work with.

Why would you place a calf on a cow that is not her mother?
We will do so if the cow has lost her first offspring. From her raising the orphan calf, she will learn how to raise and take care of a baby calf. Also this will help condition the cow’s body in producing milk for future offspring.

What do calves do more: play or sleep?
Sleep, Most of the time they will be sleeping day and night. Baby calves will play very little. They will spend most of their time eating and sleeping.

Do baby calves drink water?
Yes, They like water and will drink often, especially here in Texas where it gets hot. Water will help cool them.

How much milk replacer will a calf take?
The general rule of thumb is 1/2 gallon in the morning and 1/2 gallon in the evening, but some calve do need more.

How many times a day should you feed a calf?

You should feed twice a day, but if you got the time you can feed more. Just cut back on the milk to the right amount. To much milk replacer will give calves the milk scour
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